Welcome to the newly revamped MPS website!

We’ve been going through some pretty exciting changes in the past 6 months and are happy to officially share them with you here! In addition to this beautifully updated website, we have two new team members that joined MPS back in September 2017; Nicole and Kasey. We couldn’t be happier with this addition to the MPS family. To get to know them and the rest of the members a bit more, go check out the Team Members page to learn more about our amazing team!

About Us

Maine Paranormal Society is a diverse group of individuals that come together to investigate claims of the paranormal. A science based approach is used to identify natural causes of disturbances, document activity or bring peace of mind to the client. 

Investigators are experienced, down to Earth, sometimes comical, but always curious. The need for answers has not diminished in the years the team has been active; there’s always something to learn, a new piece of equipment to try out or another place to investigate.