Team Members

Maine Paranormal Society Team Members:

Luke Jackson- Team Leader

Joined our team in 2009. He was fresh out of TAPS boot camp. He grew up ‘haunted’ in Fryeburg and has walked with ghosts in Scotland. He describes a belief in the paranormal, seasoned with skepticism. He wants the truth about what’s out there.

His transition onto the team was seamless and he quickly became our Tech Manager. His good nature shines through when he finds a lump of cord thrown in a pile or the DVR system has a hiccup….or two.

He is now the team lead, heading a new era for MPS. He is married with two boys and has a lovely wife Amanda who is also a member of MPS. His hobbies include working out, martial arts, and music along with anything paranormal.

Cory Heinzen- Investigator

After saving Luke from almost certain demise at the hands of a red squirrel in the attic of the Mill Agents House, MPS knew it was time to make some draft picks. Hailing from the tiny fishing village of Mexico Maine came a man that was known only as “the man who knows how to use reverse sweep”.

Cory Heinzen was asked to join MPS in early 2014 after a rigorous 6-month evaluation period. He has been investigating the paranormal for only a few years, but in that time he’s investigated haunted locations that include Rolling Hills Asylum, Waverley Hills Sanatorium, Pennhurst Asylum, the Houghton Mansion, Bobby Mackeys Music World, the Wolf House, the William Heath Davis house, the Spaulding Inn and Fort Knox among countless others.

Unlike his fellow teammates, Cory didn’t grow up around the paranormal or has ever lived in a haunted house. His fascination with the paranormal actually started back while he was serving with the U.S. Marines Corps. Recently retired from the military, Cory now enjoys his time at home with his wife and kids. When he’s not spending time with his family, he can usually be found reviewing the countless hours of DVR recordings the team has stockpiled.

John Huntington- Investigator

John Huntington has been in the paranormal several years now. Has been part of the Taps family for 2 years.Won evp of the year in 2015. Has investigated several places such as Rolling Hills Asylum, Bobby Mackeys and Pennhurst. His specialty has been the spirit box where he has over 180 youtube videos documenting direct communication. John now resides in Southern Maine.

Amanda Jackson- Investigator

Amanda joined the group in 2010. She is a solid investigator and enjoys the history of the State of Maine. She is intrigued by how life continues after death and hopes to find evidence that proves so. In her spare time she enjoys her family and her sons.

Holly Densmore- Investigator

Holly joined MPS in 2007 and is the only remaining original member.  It wasn’t any kind of personal experience that lead her to pursue investigating in the paranormal field, but rather a natural fascination with all things related to the unknown.  She refers to herself as a “skeptic believer”.


Holly has had the opportunity to travel all over the country working with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and the other members of TAPS at locations such as the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State Penn, Mt. Washington Hotel, Otesaga Resort Hotel and Houghton Mansion.

“Its always exciting arriving at a location, not knowing you will find.  But the real gratification comes from helping families cope with activity in their home, or providing them with a better understanding of the natural occurrences they are experiencing and putting their minds at ease.

Amanda West- Case Manager

Amanda is case researcher and case manager for Maine Paranormal Society, joining in 2015.  Her interested in the paranormal started as an adult after experiencing the unexplained in her own home.  Since then, Amanda has looked for answers.  Her quest for answers has taken her on investigations as far away as Kentucky.

As an investigator, Amanda is known to the spirits by some very colorful and sometimes in appropriate names.  She has been known to draw out spirits as live bait or offering unique deals, much of which has ben caught on tape.  Her favorite tools are the digital recorder and SB11.

When Amanda isn’t investigating, she is a full time schoolteacher.  Her hobbies include poker and cribbage.  She lives in Milo with her amazing boyfriend and stepdaughter.